Baptists and Catholics

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Baptists and Catholics

by Levi Smith

I implore you to take a moment to read these thoughts….👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

For as much as some Baptists crush the Catholic Church, they sure have adopted a lot of their methods.

• Catholics believe in papal authority, which declares that the Pope has full, divine power over the Church and can exercise this power unhindered.
• There are Baptists that believe that their Pastor holds full, perfect, authoritative say so over all things spiritual and can exercise his power unhindered.

• Catholics can baptize their children, ushering their children into a life for God and even administer the Lord’s Supper at infancy.
• There are Baptists that have rushed their children through the spiritual motions at a very young age without allowing a sincere relationship with Christ to grow and take root.

• The Catholic Church has shed an immense amount of blood of those sincerely wishing to follow Jesus the Christ.
• There are Baptists that have shed an immense amount of blood of *its own people*, finishing off its wounded and “contending for the faith”.

• The Catholic Church has allowed and covered up many sins, especially at its highest levels.
• There are Baptists that have allowed and covered up many sins, especially at its highest levels.

• The Catholic Church has long kept its parishioners from knowing Bible truth by feeding them a filtered view of specific thoughts.
• There are Baptists that have long ostracized others for wanting to know Bible truth instead of being fed a filtered view of specific thoughts.

Now listen, friend.
I am a Baptist. I will be til the day that I die.

But I also understand that their is some repentance and grace needed in our Baptist churches.

The reason for the above-mentioned comparisons are due to a simple fact:
Sin and sinners are EVERYWHERE on this earth.

And there is only one true Gospel (faith in the finished work of Jesus and Jesus alone) that can grant us freedom from sin and deception.

If you have been disillusioned, deceived or burnt in ANY church, understand that it’s because sin abounds.

But never forget, that where sin did abound, the grace of Jesus did much more abound (Romans 5:20).

Keep your eyes and heart set on Jesus. Not man. Man has his place, yes. But it’s always under Jesus.

Levi Smith

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  1. TY:)

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  2. I don’t read anything in the Bible about different denominations, so no matter what we call ourselves here (I belong to the Assembly of God), we will all be Christians saved by grace in His presence. Thank you for comparing these two religions. They are very similar these days, aren’t they?

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