A conversation with the Muslim about eternal joy

Here is something I read on Facebook.

 A conversation with the Muslim about eternal joy.

by Joshua Arnold

Muslim: Allah is the one true god, and only he can bless a man with eternal joy in Heaven.

Christian: So you must believe that allah has had infinite joy from eternity past, right?

Muslim: Absolutely!

Christian: Isn’t allah only one person?

Muslim: Yes, he is one being with one person.

Christian: Then how is it possible that he had eternal joy?

Muslim: He had it in himself.

Christian: But how did he enjoy himself if he could not behold himself? It is impossible to enjoy a thing that cannot be beheld. Is there a mirror or some created object in which all of his perfections were deposited that he looked at to show him all of his traits by reflecting back to him all of his love, goodness, and wisdom?

If there was, then there was a time before that object was created that he was not enjoying himself.
Besides, what would even spur him to create something in which all of his perfections would be deposited and then enjoyed if he wasn’t even sure that there was anything in him that would bring joy?

If your god did not have joy eternally, then I could never expect him to give me eternal joy.

I am a Christian, and my God has had joy for all eternity, and there was never a moment when He wasn’t infinitely enjoying Himself.
My God is the Triune God, one being, three persons.

The Father always beheld the Son, and the Son, being His perfect image, reflected back to Him all of His perfections. In Christ all wisdom, goodness, love and every other perfection is. The Father always loved the Son as a Father, and the Son always loved the Father as a Son. There was always love given and reciprocated.
The Father always delighted in His infinite wisdom and goodness as it was always reflecting back to Him.

My God did not have to create something, nor was it ever possible that He was unsure if there was anything of Him that was enjoyable.

I know my God can give me infinite and eternal joy, there is no question about it.
The same object, the Son of God, that satisfies the infinite God is what is given to me as my eternal treasure and joy. The treasure of the infinite God will fully be the treasure of the finite creature, and the infinite God will fashion the finite creatures with glorified bodies so that they are suitable to enjoy the infinite treasure to a higher degree ever conceived by the human mind.
I know that the Son will satisfy me, a finite creature, because He satisfies the infinite God.”

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  1. Amen.
    Another good tract (not only) for Muslim is here for free:

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  2. Excellent.

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