A conversation with the downcast person who is uncertain of his salvation

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 A conversation with the downcast person who is uncertain of his salvation

by Joshua Arnold

Downcast: I’m afraid that I’m not saved.

Reply: Why is that? Is it because you reject the Gospel? If so, then you should be very afraid.

Downcast: No! I embrace the Gospel. I am just afraid that I have deceived myself, and that I am nothing more than a professor of saving faith, and not a possessor of saving faith.

Reply: Why is that?

Downcast: Well, one reason is because I barely perceive any fruit.

Reply: What do you mean you don’t perceive any fruit? Let me ask you some questions, and we will see about that. Two sets of spiritual eyes are better than one, and I may be able to see or help you see what you may have overlooked.

Does the thought of not having Jesus Christ grieve your soul?

Downcast: Yes, more than anything. This is where my grief mostly comes from. I don’t want to deceive myself into thinking I am in Him when I’m not.

Reply: If your Joy wasn’t found in Jesus Christ, then you would never be so grieved over the thought of not having Him. Your grief is great, because your joy in Him is great.
Joy is one fruit of the Spirit, so if what you just told me is true, then you have Joy.
And who finds joy in what they don’t love? Joy springs from the fountain of love, and the more a person loves an object, the more joy they have in that object. So that is another fruit of the Spirit. These fruits are impossible apart from the Holy Spirit indwelling a person.

Downcast: But I sin grievously. I know everyone sins, but I have sinned many times against my own conscience and knowledge of God.

Reply: Of course it seems that way. When a person increases in knowledge of God, the conscience also strengthens. Your conscience cannot convict you of what you don’t know.
The greater your knowledge, the brighter the light shines in you. The brighter the light, the more sin is exposed, as the duller light you had when you were less knowledgeable did not shine so bright before to expose those sins hidden in crevices.

Downcast: But I have barely gained any ground on this particular sin.

Reply: You have tunnel vision. 2 years ago, did you ever think you were capable of backsliding or having such a struggle?

Downcast: Not in a million years. I never imagined I could be so depraved.

Reply: that was spiritual pride, a very grievous sin, because if it is left alone, it eats the conscience and transforms the inner man. Fleshly sins that are done in compulsion, like cursing out of anger, are not sins that eat at the conscience and transform the inner man. Spiritual pride is the opposite of being poor in spirit. It is like Peter who thought he would never deny the Lord, then did so 3 times shortly after.

It appears that you’ve gained ground on your spiritual pride as the Lord has permitted you to struggle greatly with another sin. All things work together for the good of those who love Him.
This one sin you speak of has helped bring you to being poor in spirit, and there is no telling how many sins it has prevented you from committing because of your awareness and carefulness.
It has always given you a deeper sense of your neediness for Jesus Christ, and your neediness to forsake yourself at all times, at all costs.

Downcast: I wish more than anything I never struggled with sin. I feel so discouraged and useless. It makes me think it is pointless to do any of the Christian duties. I mean, what’s the point of praying if I’m not even heard? What’s the point of studying if I’m damned? I don’t agree with that type of thinking, I hate those thoughts, but they have come up and have even put me off from my duties several times, which makes me feel even worse.

Reply: you have every reason to be humbled, but no reason to be discouraged. God has not left anyone with any reason to be discouraged. It is a great sin to be discouraged when God has done everything to show that there is no reason to be discouraged. You are sinning, and then out of being downcast, you are sinning even more. That’s illogical. If your sinning grieves you so much, don’t turn around and sin some more because of it.

You need to get over yourself, and in Christ. You are focusing too much on yourself and losing sight of Christ. We are to examine ourselves, not dwell on ourselves. We are sinners, there’s nothing in and of ourselves that will transform us into the image of Christ.
Your Christian duties are the blessed means to being sanctified and strengthened. Exactly what you are neglecting is exactly what will strengthen and bring you great blessings of comfort.

God is eager to comfort you and forgive you. It pleases Him to glorify His mercy and grace. He is not looking on you in disappointment. He is looking on you with pity, as though you are lame and helpless, and He is ready to bless His ordained means of fellowship with Him. He will not bless any other means. You must partake of them, or He will show you the weakness and discomfort that comes with neglecting them.

Know that you’ve been justified by faith in Christ alone. Study this doctrine, and believe it. Wherever you’re at, no matter what conditions you are in, repent and believe on Christ.

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