A short conversation with a charismatic

Here is something I read on Facebook.

A short conversation with a charismatic

by Joshua Arnold

Charismatic: I received a word from God today.

Reply: How do you know it was from God?

Charismatic: Because I heard a still small voice, and it had to do with the word of God.

Reply: How can you be absolutely certain that it wasn’t just a simple impression of the mind that your mind brought up from the past? Can’t an unbeliever who sat in church before have a verse come to mind about something? Should we believe them, too?

Charismatic: because it had to do with the word of God.

Reply: Satan used the word of God when tempting Christ in the wilderness. Satan uses the word of God all the time. Satan comes as a being of light. He’s called a serpent for a reason. He is sneaky.

Charismatic: but I am not being tempted to try God or sin in any way.

Reply: You don’t need to be. All Satan needs you to do is start the habit of believing anything that comes to mind that has to do with the word of God, and soon he can slip in some errors, but you won’t have any defense against that, because you already assume they are true just because it’s an unusual experience for you.

Soon you may get what you think is a word from God that is identical to the way you received all your other words from God, and they will have to do with some supposed future events, but you won’t even question whether it’s true or not, because your standard of truth is based on experience, and if your experience is like the old ones, that’s all you need for proof. Next thing you know, all kinds of heresies are flooding it, but no one can tell you otherwise, because your experience reigns supreme.

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  1. Its dangerous to question whether a word given in thought to someone is really from the Lord. If it comes to pass and it doesn’t lead to worshiping another god, including self, then God said it in a personal revelation. This is how the Holy Spirit leads us, by using God’s Word for our situation as a thought or impression. Suppose you go shopping and you see something you covet-will He not speak scriptures to you about coveting and stealing? Yes. When you are in a horrible affliction will He not say, Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power? Or, Be still and know that I am God…? Forth-telling needs discernment because most forth-tellers are really fortune tellers/ psychics. But let’s be careful not to doubt a Word given to a brother or sister in their thoughts! Its between them and God. If they truly are His, He will not let them be led astray for long. If you can prove through scriptures their “word” is wrong then keep still. And I don’t mean using scriptures, like Joshua Arnold did in his post, to cause doubt-that is what satan did with Eve!


    • Eve had received her information from God. For her to doubt it would have been a sin. When someone receives a revelation from some other source than the Bible he should doubt it until he has evidence that God has sent the message. We have a responsibility to keep other believers from being misled by false teaching.

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      • I know that-that’s why I tell every brother and sister, whether they will listen or not, that God hates X Mass and Easter. And that is why I said that we had better have scripture backing up our corrections-not just our doubt of the “Word” given. We can use scripture to cause doubt, like satan to Eve, or we can use scripture to correct. The latter is what we want to do.
        Have a blessed evening, clyde!

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  2. This is such an important topic, thank you for addressing it! God saved me out of the Word of Faith movement, I had taken this to its logical conclusion. I was saved because my words had power and I had said a prayer. When God saved me by His grace, I was crushed and broken by the sinfulness of it all. May the Lord bless you!

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  3. For sure.TY.:)

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