An Awesome God and little ole’ me

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An Awesome God, and little ole’ me

by Lester Peoples

Who would have ever thought fifty years ago that a time would come in America where men would take on themselves to be as smart intellectually as their creator, as they devise and scheme in their own corruptness, or follow after Satan and worship his appointed ones of wicked, evil, and darkness. Even Satan is a created, angelic creature of God made to worship God and act as messengers to serve Almighty God. But personal ego, due to his beauty and power, led him to fall, taking a third of fellow angels with him. God has allowed him to be in the position that he holds as ‘Prince of the power of the air’ on earth, but with “limited” power used against mankind, only to torment, but not indwell physically. God has his reason for allowing Lucifer/Satan to keep on with his schemes, but the secret things belong to the Lord, our God. We have a book called the holy bible that contains all the instruction man needs if he will follow directions given; obey the laws and commandments and in faith, believe; he can be approved and will be blessed.

Accountability is required by all living creatures made in the image of God, who made man an eternal being. Whether angelic or earthly flesh and blood with a soul, all will stand before their creator God and be accountable, before the final judgement having but only two eternal homes. God says, Be ye holy as I am Holy, [without sin] Our final destiny will be only One of two places. That will be heaven with their Lord, or the Lake of fire of punishment for the wicked, denying Christ and his Authority and power granted Him by the Father. Or man can be religious, also following who he’ believes, and what he feels other will accept. The Father judges no man, but has given All authority to the Son.

Man was born into sin, inherited by the first man, who ate forbidden fruit. Being cast from the garden where he was cared for and protected by God. Both he and his wife received hardships we live with today, and the serpent now crawls in the dust. Man sweats by his brow to get his food once provided, and woman suffers pain at giving birth. Man is unable to survive without his God. Man has no power over his soul after he dies. Only Jesus has Authority and power, and will judge all! Man must first realize that he has sinned, and the Father/creator says the penalty for sin is death; since Adam’s time in the garden. Since the time Jesus built his church he had prophets and disciples to share the gospel/good news, to first the Jew, then Peter began sharing with the gentiles.

The Holy Bible is inspired and can be thought as supernatural as it reveal to the reader what God would have you know, at a particular time. Study is profitable to see in depth what God has written for those who believe. The bible, from front to the last book, has Jesus Christ as its theme; represented even though his name isn’t mentioned, he is ever present.  “Jesus is the only name given in heaven or earth, whereby you must be saved or born again, in a spiritual birth, by the acceptance in the shed blood, and revived death from the cross.”

God desires a personal relationship of prayer and praising Him for blessings we receive. We are able to ask and share our needs also and pray for others in their behalf, and seek the lost to redeem their souls, by Jesus’ crucifixion at Calvary. You first must believe in the Supernatural to believe in God. Although He is the same and never changing we can trust him at his word as All three personalities of God are in the same mind set. The Holy Spirit gives us all gifts from above which are for our body, and those gifts for the church, always points man toward Jesus- never himself. Jesus is our redeemer and propitiation, who died in our place on the cross for our sins, while He was a righteous and a sinless man. We hold Jesus as our example in love and how we should treat our fellow man. We open prayer to our Heavenly Father God and closing in the name of Jesus who we are forever grateful.

If today, we were to go to Jerusalem where Jesus was buried, and the large wheel-like stone was there blocking the tomb entrance, we, of all men would be without hope! All our blessed hopes would be at naught if Jesus bones were still there buried in his tomb. Because He lives, we have life and more abundantly because Jesus sits at the right hand of the Father, interceding in our behalf, because of his love to die for us. Jesus is presently building a heavenly home for his friends who love him, and devote their time and efforts to win souls for him. Are we showing our gratitude, respect and willingness to obey his words? How saddened God must be today, to see our failures, as he looks down at us!

Men have been heard to say, that God is too good to send a man to hell! But this is furtherest from the truth! Man sends himself to Hell, when he refuses the greatest gift he could ever receive in the precious blood offered freely in our behalf, to remove All sin in our body! Then after refusing Jesus; who died in our place, we rub it in his face by following after Satanic, and worldly unmoral, sadistic, pleasure seeking lust, by trafficking and killing babies, who Jesus loves! Yet, there will not be any lawyers present when every knee bows at the feet of Jesus to receive our reward or demise. Our destination decided by ourselves’ whether heaven, or Lake of fire, as we have made known by how we lived! No retrial- just eternity, with a new body, yes, even in hell one will feel pain, and have memory and times when they had a choice! And day in, and day out- the body will bot burn to ashes, but only sounds of wailing, and gnashing of teeth, for eternity!

Lester Peoples

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