The wrath of God

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The wrath of God

by Joshua Arnold

Death is not a natural event, but a penal event. It is the penalty of sin, not the nature of God’s design for humanity. Originally, humans were never made to die.

Nearly 2000 years ago, the Author of life, Jesus Christ, was put to death as He received the penalty that you deserve. The wage for your entire life of sin, all that hard laboring to sin, was given to Him. Every hour of sin that you have ever and will ever clock in was given to Him at once. God paid Him in full for all of your sins, and not just yours, but all of His sheep.

The wrath of God was poured out on Him. An agony we cannot even conceive in our minds. We know that the mere contemplation of it was so frightening, that Christ, knowing very well what the wrath of God is like, experienced hematidrosis (Luke 22:44). Hematidrosis is a real condition, though extremely rare, where a person is under such extreme stress that they literally sweat blood drops.

This stress was not because of what the men would do to Him. Christ didn’t fear what men could do to the body, and so it wasn’t because His beard would be plucked, His back would be slashed open, a crown of thorns would be put on His head, His hands and feet nailed to a cross, and a spear thrust into His side.
It was because of the unmixed wrath that God would pour out on His soul, and the utter darkness He would experience. It wasn’t just His body that suffered, but His soul had to suffer or else He would only be the Savior of bodies, and not the Savior of souls.

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, we have eternal life and fellowship with Him, and will never experience the unmixed wrath of God!


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  1. He paid for our guilt body and Soul. How can mankind turn away from His purchase and scoff.:*((

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  2. Wishing you a blessed Easter, Clyde.

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