Things I have read on the internet – 86

My latest list of good internet articles.


Movie Review: Unplanned

A Pro-Choice Review of Pro-Life Film “Unplanned”

21 Reasons to Believe the Earth is Young

An MIT Professor Meets the Author of All Knowledge

The Pedophile Project: Your 7-Year-Old Is Next On The Sexual Revolution’s Hit Parade

Polystrate Fossils and the Creation/Evolution Controversy

I Was America’s First ‘Nonbinary’ Person. It Was All a Sham.

Kitten Act Scratches at the Surface of Hypocrisy

Feminists, conservatives, lesbians urge Congress to scrap ‘gender identity’ from Equality Act

What Does the Rest of the Bible Say About Genesis?

How did the waters of Noah’s Flood drain off the continents?

The not-so-Nobel decision

Lesbian Feminist: Trans Is a ‘Misogynistic Trojan Horse’

The New Age Mystical Roots of ‘Jesus Calling’: Brethren – This is NOT For Us!

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