Bloom where you are planted

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Bloom where you are planted

by Joshua Agan

We’ve all likely heard the phrase “bloom where you are planted.” It’s a great thought, but sometimes we do not actually live that out in a practical way.

I didn’t.

Having grown up in a family that served in full-time ministry, I expected to reach full bloom there myself. My parents never pressured or expected me to do so, often telling my brother and me that if God called us to be plumbers, be the best Christian plumber that a man can be. True to their word, my parents support each of us in our secular jobs as we continue to serve God day by day.

When given the opportunity, however, I jumped at the chance to leave the business world and dive head-first into full-time ministry. Yet God had not told me to abandon all else to pursue it.

That was my desire, but not my calling. As a result, I struggled for a few years to make it work out apart from the calling. Full-time ministry is a high calling—just not mine. I also still do the same ministry right now, but not apart from my secular job.

Yet that no longer bothers me.

Here’s the beautiful thing: everyday life for every believer is ministry.

I am called to minister the gift I am given, as a good steward of the manifold grace of God (1 Peter 4:10). Being a good steward means to use wisely the opportunities and resources God has given me—which includes my job. I wasn’t being wise.

Peter was called to leave his fishery and preach the gospel, and so gifted. Paul continued making tents as he planted churches and proclaimed Jesus, and so gifted. Both were using their gifts from God to minister where they were called, and God always provides for His calling.

On the flip side, Jonah is evidence that resisting a call to minister can be just as tough a life.

Last year, God allowed me to get a job that truly thrills me. I work for a technology company that serves as the billing provider for companies like Twitter, CBS, DirectTV, Sling, and Bank of America merchants—not to mention the vast number of awesome merchants around the world.

And right where I am planted, I have been able to bloom—impacting lives that cross my path. I have multiple colleagues whose lives need the ministry in which I’ve been gifted. I have merchants who connected with me after a business interaction, whose lives I can now influence. I also now have a stable income with which to afford the outreach that I struggled to afford before.

God has prepared a fertile place for you to grow and bloom, and it may not be where you first thought. I’m a stubborn guy, so it took me a while to realize it.

Even if you do not like your job, or if you yearn for a place other than where you are now—look around at where God has planted you for the moment and bloom right there. He has a purpose, and fulfilling that purpose will nourish you, bringing fulfillment to your life like never before. The joy and peace surpasses our understanding when we fully rely on Him to give us what is best in that time.

I’m glad I started blooming right where I was planted.

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