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Nearly one third of the Bible consists of prophecies.  Some of these prophesies have been fulfilled while some will be fulfilled in the future.  You would think that people who believe the Bible and read it regularly would be well informed on this subject.  That isn’t always the case because many prophecies are hard to understand and there are a lot of conflicting ideas about what they mean.  If you have a hard time understanding this subject you might be able to find help at this site:  raptureforums.com

Are you confused about the end times and the last days before the return of Jesus Christ at the rapture of the church? We give you clear answers to your questions about the rapture, Antichrist, Armageddon, Revelation, 666, the Tribulation period, the last days, and much more. We’ll help you understand how the news headlines relate to Bible prophecy and the end times as we await the return of the Lord Jesus Christ at secret and imminent event called the rapture of the church.

Our main mission is to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. We follow a pre-millennial, dispensational interpretation of Scripture and we believe the Bible teaches salvation by grace through faith alone, as well as the eternal security of believers. We teach the visible return of Jesus Christ after the Tribulation period at the Second Coming. While we have a strong emphasis on the rapture of the church and Bible prophecy, we cover all topics and doctrines of Christianity. We hope that you will read the articles on Rapture Forums and that they will encourage you in your walk with the Lord. We also hope that you will even join us on the Rapture Forums as we await the return of Jesus Christ for the church. God bless!

About Us

Rapture Forums is a Bible prophecy ministry based on a literal, historical, grammatical interpretation of scriptures. The ministry was founded by Chris Schang in December of 2006 and has since become a central repository on the Internet for all kinds of rapture, Bible prophecy, and end times related resources.

The Rapture Forums website includes the main site with literally 1,000’s of articles related to Bible prophecy and the Word of God. The site also features a busy forums and other interactive related resources to help in your Bible studies.

Over the past eleven years Rapture Forums has grown from a small message board only web presence into one of the largest end times and Bible prophecy websites on the Internet according to Alexa. We strongly believe in reaching the most people with the truth about Jesus Christ and his soon return.

While Rapture Forums covers the entire spectrum of Biblical teaching, we do emphasize and focus on Bible prophecy which is a subject that is oftentimes left out in today’s churches. We hope that you find the materials and articles that we have on the site informative and valuable in your Bible study.

Thank you for visiting Rapture Forums and if you have any questions about our ministry please feel free to use the email form on the “Contact Us” page.

God bless.

As the name indicates there is a forum where you can discuss prophecy and other Biblical truths with other believers.  I am a member of this forum and my username there is puddleglum.  But if you just want to learn more and aren’t interested in discussion there is plenty of other material on the site.

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  1. Thank you for the information. My bible study group has been studying Revelation and its related scriptures for approximately two years now. We are almost done. I hope to have time to visit this site and see where your studies have lead you.

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