Gay Pride Month

I have learned that June is Gay Pride Month.  I am sure that those responsible for this designation care about gay people and want to help them, but I wonder if they know what the Bible says about pride.

God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble. Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded. Be wretched and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to gloom.Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will exalt you.  (James 4:6-10)

They are actually advocating that gays adopt a course of action that will lead to their being opposed by God.  If they do this, nothing they try to do will be successful.  On the other hand God will show his grace to them if they are humble.

The rest of this passage describes how a person practices humility.  A humble person submits to God and draws near to him.  He cleanses his life of all sin, both in action and in thought.  He mourns the sinfulness of his past life.  Anyone who does these things will receive God’s grace and be exalted by him.

If you care about gays it would be better to promote the adoption of a Gay Humility Month, when gays are encouraged to do those things which will enable them to receive God’s blessings.  And it wouldn’t hurt to have a Straight Humilty Month too.  Straight people are just as guilty of pride as gay people are.

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  1. Well said. Gay Humility Month, ha, I love that. Pride is such a painful thing and it does so much harm to us and to others. We really should be having a Humility Month or something, focusing on the blessings to be found when we let go of our own egos and pride.

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  2. Good stuff, Clyde. I had this to add over at IBs place where she linked to you, and will add it here if you don’t mind.

    Pride in the sense of thinking we are “all that,” is certainly a sin, especially if we think we managed to pull it off ourselves. On the other hand, as you said, a clear confidence in who we are is not sin. Most certainly, confidence in any strength, gifts and wisdom granted by our Lord and used for HIS glory is definitely not a problem

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  3. Good post Clyde

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  4. So- the whole concept of pride is to celebrate the ability to be who you truly are. It’s not about thinking we are better or that we are so prideful.. its about being proud that society has become more accepting, it’s about being able to celebrate being who you are, and it’s about coming together with other people who share the same mindset.

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    • That is one concept of pride. When gays speak of gay pride they mean that being gay should be accepted as being something that is good and normal. God has established marriage as a union between a man and a woman and has commanded that sexual activity be restricted to married couples. If you want to know more about how Christians should act in regard to gays I suggest that you read this:

      Christians are often seen as enemies of gay people because we warn them of the danger of acting on their desires. The real enemies are those who encourage them to follow their desires, because if they do this they face a future of eternal punishment in Hell. Those who warn them of the danger are really their friends.


      • Well I have no shame and I know that God loves me.. regardless of who I love. Love involves a lot more than sexual activity, but unfortunately people like you choose to only see that as your basis.. instead of being in a relationship that encourages growth in both people.


        • I hope you realize that being loved by God can sometimes be a painful experience. He wants those he loves to be free from sin.

          As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, “You shall be holy, for I am holy.”
          1 Peter 1:14-16

          He will do whatever is necessary to make us holy.

          We have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them. Shall we not much more be subject to the Father of spirits and live? For they disciplined us for a short time as it seemed best to them, but he disciplines us for our good, that we may share his holiness. For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.
          Hebrews 12:9-11

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  5. Good post. When I talk on this issue I constantly share with others that I’m not any better than they are. Humility is such an important concept to be aware of. But our society has little understanding of this concept.

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