Transgenders and same sex marriage

The Bible teaches that marriage is between a man and a woman and that in God’s eyes a same sex “marriage” is not a marriage at all.  This is simple and is something that anyone can easily understand.  At least it would be simple if it weren’t for the current transgender movement.  A transgender person is one who perceives himself to be of the opposite to his biological sex.  Some transgenders go far as to have sex change surgery which makes them appear to be of the opposite sex.  When one of these people decides to marry the question of what is a same sex marriage becomes unclear.

Suppose a man and a woman decide to marry.  If one of them was born as a member of the opposite sex and had a sex change operation is their marriage legitimate or is it a same sex union?

Suppose two members of the same sex want to marry but one of them was born as a member of the opposite sex.  Is their marriage a same sex marriage or do they have a right to get married according to God’s laws?

Each cell in the human body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes.  One pair determines the sex of the individual.  Each chromosome is either an x or a y chromosome.  A person with two x chromosomes is female, while one with an x and a y is male.  Sex change operations have no effect on a person’s chromosomes.  If a same sex couple marries and one of them is transgender, they are technically of different genders, so the marriage is permissible, but the cisgender member of the marriage is engaging in sexual activity with a person who is outwardly of the same gender, so he is violating the prohibition against sexual involvement between members of the same sex.

The transgender movement has raised a lot of questions about sex and marriage that we didn’t need to think about in the past.  I don’t know the answers to these questions but I believe Christians should be aware of them so we can find answers and be prepared when we encounter these situations in real life.

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  1. Honestly, I’m shocked that there are no comments for this post 😉 Whenever I write about something like this the crazies come out of the woodwork. Nevertheless, you bring up some very good questions, especially the ones about transgender marriage. These are issues which the Church has never really had to face before, at least that we know of. Yet, what we ARE facing is the product of rebellion against God’s design. The ethical questions keep mounting as men and women seek to complicate what was a very simple design by their Creator.

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  2. Well, that will change very soon 🙂


  3. I think that believers have been drilling the fact that this is sin for so long that we are not addressing the root issues such as why the same sex attraction exists and why the gender confusion. We could make a general blanket statement that it is sin. For many, that’s stating the obvious. We need to get beneath the surface as to whether these people were molested or had dysfunctional family dynamics and are seeking approval from the same sex. These are often the root problems which lead to confusion. I do not hesitate to say that God is clear about these things in the Bible, but the answer is much deeper than “stop it”.

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  4. When people start taking hormones and surgically modifying their body, they are not changing their sex. They are changing their appearance.

    Think of it this way. You are attracted to someone. You date them. You marry them. You take them to bed. Then you discover your lady is not what you thought. You cannot exactly consummate the marriage.

    Supposedly, the technology is reaching the point where a man can be altered so he has a “functional” female sex organ. Still he won’t be able to have a baby. In fact, because he won’t have the right genes, he still won’t be a she. What exactly does that mean? Consider the next question.

    Why do people engage in perverse sexual activities? The Bible provides the basic explanation in Romans 1. When men and women engage in perverse sexual activities, they are not seeking stable, loving relationships. They are just after personal pleasure or trying to fulfill some kind of impulse they can’t even explain.

    Does Mathew Winters (your commenter above) have a point? Yes. Without a proper upbringing, we find it more difficult to love. Until we have learned how to accept sacrificial love and to return it, we find it difficult to put our faith in God.

    We each have a God-sized hole in our hearts that only God can fill. Until we learn how to love each other and God properly, we will try to fill that hole with some idol. The typical idols of our day include self, stuff, state, and sex. Really, those idols are not much different than they were two thousand years ago.

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  5. Ariel Michelle Bailey

    And this doesn’t even address Kleinfelter syndrome (XXY), Turner Subscribe (XX where one X is malformed), Swyer Syndrome (in which the SRY gene is missing from the Y), and a host of other chromosomal deviations (XXYY, XYY, etc). These may be rare conditions, but people genetically falling outside of the typical XX/XY binary are actually as common as redheads, they just don’t talk about it.


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