Pray for the Ark Encounter

The organization Answers in Genesis is building a full sized replica of Noah’s ark.  It is almost complete and is scheduled to be open to the public on July 7.   You can learn more about it here:  Christians need to pray that it will accomplish its objective of proving that the world wide flood described in the Bible actually took place.  Here are some specific requests posted on the Answers in Genesis site.

As the evangelistic Ark Encounter enters the last weeks of preparation to open its doors to the world on July 7, we are encouraging all our ministry friends to join us in this “call to prayer” for one another and the project. We ask that you commit daily to pray for the following list and to share it with other prayer warriors to do the same. Ultimately this is a battle for the souls of millions of people who need the gospel. There is an enemy, and we’re in a battle; as the attacks intensify, so must our prayers.

  • Answers in Genesis and Ark Encounter Leadership Team
  • Completion of all construction projects
  • All essential work to be completed to ensure timely inspections
  • No major construction issues
  • Good weather
  • Installation and detailing of exhibits
  • Safety and endurance for all the workers at the site
  • Final planning, preparation, and personnel training
  • Remaining funds to be raised
  • Media interviews with Ken and others before, during, and after the opening
  • Non-Christians that visit the Ark to be receptive to the gospel

Stay tuned for updates on the progress and praises as we pray together!

A Call to Battle, a Call to Prayer

I would like to add one more thing to the last request.  We should pray not only that non-Christians will be open to the gospel but that Christians who believe the flood was only a local flood will be open to the idea that it was world wide.  If the flood only covered part of the earth then it would have taken millions of years to form the fossils that we find all over the earth.  This would mean that the Bible’s account of God creating the world in six days can’t be literally true.  I have written a previous post on this subject: Flood deniers.

We live in a world that has rejected the truth of God’s creation of the world and substituted a lie that the earth is millions of years old and life came into existence by the process of evolution.  We need to pray regularly for Answers in Genesis and other creationist organizations that teach people the truth of our origin.

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  1. Yes, many prayers are needed for this event. I’ll be heading there myself, and it looks like there will be plenty of protestors, so be praying for their hearts and salvation.



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