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If you are considering voting for Donald Trump I recommend you read this statement which was posted on Facebook by Joshua Agan.


You have the right to vote as you wish. I do not disparage or condemn your choice, as you see fit between you and God.

BUT, here is my explanation of my choice, because people keep insisting that I am wrong.

I will not and cannot vote for Trump, but I do NOT condone sitting out on an election. I WILL vote, but not for Hillary or Trump. It is your civic duty and your right to vote, and it is negligence of your civic duty when you refuse to vote.

When I say that I cannot and will not vote for Trump, I am quickly reminded that I will lose my guns, abortions will continue unchecked, bad judges will be appointed, and I will ultimately lose my religious liberty.

Okay, valid points… let’s talk about that.

No honest Christian (honest being the key word) can look at Trump and call him a good man.

He denigrates women,
mocks the disabled,
incites violence,
causes division,
inflames racism,
defames opponents,
outright lies,
brags about his fornication,
praises baby murderers,
threatens lawlessness with our troops,
and hypocritically bashed his opponents for doing what he is now doing.

Furthermore, he had the audacity to claim to be a believer in the midst of all the above, which effectively makes him a reprobate, according to the biblical definition in the book of Jeremiah.

To top it all off, he has explicitly stated that he has never asked God for forgiveness because he does not think he needs forgiveness.

Think about that, Christian.

If that is not a wicked man, then Hillary is also a saint. Every believer has some rough edges and character flaws, but this is not the same thing. He is wicked. He is unrepentant. No Christian can look at his actions and *honestly* claim “That’s a man with God’s approval.”

This is not just “oh, I disagree with a policy or two.” No, this is his CHARACTER as a person. This is a wicked man.

“But we’re not electing a pastor!” True, so it is okay to throw out what the Bible says about honesty, integrity, truth, and holiness. Just throw it all out, right?

So we have this unrepentant reprobate man running against an unrepentant woman. There is no such thing as the “lesser of two evils.” Either it is good or it is evil, period. Will you endorse Evil #1 or will you endorse Evil #2?

The Bible takes a dim view of the “lesser of two evils” concept. God never puts man in a position in which he cannot escape evil. Where there is a moral choice (temptation), there is a way of escape.

God presents a consistent moral ethic. To argue for the idea that you have only two evils from which to choose is to operate on the wrong assumption that Scripture presents a confused ethic.

God commanded us to shun evil, to honor God, and to do what is right no matter what. And when a choice to do evil arises (temptation), there will always be a way not to choose evil (a way of escape).

God did not ordain me to preserve my country as-is. Nor did He ordain Jewish believers to preserve Israel. In fact, it was God who allowed Israel to suffer and be scattered, having their swords turned to plows, their children murdered by Herod and others, and having the nation invaded, imprisoned, and enslaved.

America is not the apple of God’s eye: Israel was God’s chosen. And if God did not spare Israel, we cannot justly expect Him to spare our wickedness, either.

To vote with earthly freedom as the end goal, no matter what the cost, is to disregard the eternal perspective. I am taking action with the Judgment Seat of Christ in mind.

When a Christian tells me that I should choose Trump “or else” I will lose freedom, lose guns, and lose good judges, that Christian is effectively telling me that my earthly freedom, my guns, and a judge is *more important* than obeying God’s command to shun evil.

“Choose evil so you can keep freedoms!” ….you mean like Daniel chose evil to avoid the lion’s den? Or the three Hebrew boys chose evil to avoid the fiery furnace? If it costs me my freedoms or my life, I will shun evil.

God’s command was not to preserve a nation at the cost of willfully choosing evil. His command was to eschew (shun) evil and keep a pure conscience before God. To violate your conscience is sin (Romans 14:23).

And God added: if you suffer for your right choice to keep a clean conscience, then your suffering is the better choice for His sake (1 Peter 3:10-17). God understands that shunning evil will cost you, but that suffering is better.

Telling me to endorse evil just to keep my freedom is to make the end game (winning) more important than the means by which we get there (choosing evil). Does the end truly justify the means?

When the apostle Paul was accused of choosing evil that good can come of it, he exclaimed GOD FORBID. But today we say, “that’s just what we have to do.”

If it costs me my freedom, I will choose to do right. If the stars fall from heaven, I will choose to do right.

God never promised me freedom in this kingdom. He promised me eternal life, even if it costs me mine here.

My choice is easy. I choose to shun evil.


You can find out more about Joshua Agan at and


When I wrote this post it was my intention not to vote for either Hillary or Trump.  Since then I have changed my mind and intend to vote for Trump.  I have written a post explaining the reason for this.

The lesser of two evils

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  1. Some good points were made, but I think he also made some mistakes. He’s right that Trump is not a good man. But then again neither is any other politician, or any other human. According to Jesus, no one is good but God. So the fact that Trump isn’t a good man isn’t a good reason not to vote for him. And it comes across that Joshua Agan is making the case that Christians shouldn’t vote at all, but rather allow God to bring judgment on our country. He’s making the case that we shouldn’t cast a vote to preserve our freedoms. I do think we should vote for what direction we wan to see our country go rather than be apathetic. Certainly God is sovereign and will put in place whomever he chooses, but that doesn’t mean I should refuse to vote or vote for someone else. I’ll most likely vote for Trump, but that doesn’t mean I endorse him, agree with him, condone his behavior, or want him to represent me. I see my vote as a vote to stop and oppose Hillary. Either way, those of us who are professing Christians should be praying for these people- Hillary, Trump, Sanders, and other politicians who are our elected leaders. Perhaps God will get a hold of them and change their hearts.

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    • In his post, Joshua Agan clearly says he intends to vote. When I asked him who he was voting for he said he hadn’t yet decided but was considering the possibility of writing in Ted Cruz’s name. The Bible says we should submit to whoever he places in power but it doesn’t tell us to help put an evil ruler into power. And I agree that we should pray for the candidates. Our prayers will do more to bring about good government than our votes will.



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