Things I have read on the internet – 19

My latest list of good internet articles.



Is BioLogos Promoting Heresy?

Donald Trump’s KKK support but what about Satanists’ and the Klan’s support of Planned Parenthood?

The Science of Creation: Delicate silk fossils point to Creation

A Church Promotes Tolerance over the Gospel for Homosexual and Transgender People?

Why are Christians so Homophobic?

purify unto himself a peculiar people/

The Intricacies of Flight in the Natural World

How Believing in Creation Helps as a Medical Doctor

Pastoral self-appointments must stop

Social Media

Drifting Away From God’s Truth

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  1. Dear Clyde —

    I continue working my way through your lists. From this one, I’ve been edified and instructed by “How Believing in Creation Helps as a Medical Doctor”, “Why Are Christians so Homophobic?”, and “Drifting Away from God’s Truth”.

    Have a blessed Easter!



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