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Do you have any Bibles or Christian books that you never read anymore?  Rather than letting them sit around gathering dust, wouldn’t it be better to give them to someone who can get some good out of them?  There is an organization called Christian Resources International that can help you do that.

About CRI

Our Mission Cry at CRI—to share, send and sow—started over 60 years ago with a simple man with a simple but profound dream, and a heart to fulfill Matthew 28:19—to go and make disciples.  The Word of God does not return void, so what better way to train, lead, and equip than to send Bibles—the word of God!

Christians in other countries need access to Bibles but lack the money to get them.  In America, studies show that the average home has 7 extra Bibles sitting around the house.

From the beginning, one man’s dream of a few books going overseas has turned into a Worldwide Global Mission with companions like you who are strategically sharing, sending and sowing God’s Word to every nation.

Orphans, evangelists, pastors, and missionaries, and those yet to receive Christ are hearing your mission cry.

While you and I have already reached 170 nations and sent over $272 million in donated Christian books and Bibles, there is yet another simple but profound plan to reach even more.

Our strategy is to plant distribution centers globally.  Distribution centers are locations we have strategically set up around the globe that will allow people easy and free access to the word of God. These facilities are helping you and I make sure that we can get the word distributed quickly whether through our CRI Missionaries or those from other denominations. 

It started with the founder and is carried on by the Executive director, but accomplished only through you by your financial gifts, generous literature donations, dedicated will to continue God’s vision! Thank you for becoming a book missionary and aligning yourself with the mission to Share, Send, and Sow God’s Word!

Here is a list of  the kinds of books they need.

Bibles, College/Seminary Studies • Church history • Commentaries • Concordances • Discipleship • Missionology • Reference software • Religious education • Theology and Doctrine

Mixed Library • Bible Studies • Biographies (Christian) • Children’s Ministry • Christian Living • Church & Church History • Counseling • Classical Literature • Cults • Dictionaries (Bible, English) • Discipleship • Evangelism • Faith • Fiction (Christian) • Financial • Foreign language materials • Heaven • History (Bible, general)

Home Schooling (These publishers): • ABeka • Bob Jones • ACE (Accelerated Christian Ed) • Alpha Omega

Sunday School (From these publishers): • CEF Publishers • David C. Cook • Group Publishers • Regular Baptist Press • Scripture Press • Standard Publishing • Major Evangelical Publishers

Worldview VBS Material (Complete sets and kits)

Magazines • Creation/Science Research • Decision Magazine • Discipleship Journal • Biblical Illustrator • Israel My Glory • Leadership • Moody Monthly • Christian Reader • Christianity Today


Secular Books (In good condition) • College Textbooks • Home School Textbooks • History • Arts • How-To Books, Cookbooks

Here is the link to their website:

Here is the address to which you can send books:

  • Christian Resources International
  • World Headquarters
  • PO Box 356
  • 200 Free Street
  • Fowlerville, MI 48836-0356


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