Gay marriage and same sex marriage

I believe in gay marriage.  Gay people have the same right to marry that straight people do.

I believe that God established marriage as a union between a man and a woman.  A “marriage” between two men and two women is a sin.

Do these statements seem contradictory to you?  There is a lot of confusion on this subject because most people use the terms “gay marriage” and “same sex marriage” interchangeably.  In fact they do not mean the same thing.

Gay marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the partners experiences sexual attraction to others of the same sex.  Same sex marriage is a partnership between two members of the same sex which claims to be a marriage.  The difference is obscured by the fact that nearly all marriages involving gay people fall into both of these categories.  However there are gays who are happily married to members of the opposite sex.  You can read about some of them here:  marriage-roundup .  These marriages are gay marriages but they are not same sex marriages.

Proponents of legalizing same sex marriage claim this is a civil rights issue.  They want gays to have the same rights straight people do.  But gay people have always had the right to marry; most of them just chose not to exercise it.  Some states in the United States once had laws against interracial marriage and other governments have passed laws prohibiting marriage between certain classes of people.  But no law has ever prohibited gay people from marrying.

God established marriage for two purposes.  The obvious reason is to provide a home to produce and bring up children, but there is another reason.  Marriage was intended to serve as a symbol of the relationship between God and those who worship him.  In the Old Testament Israel is called the wife of God; in the New Testament the Church is call the bride of Christ.  In both cases God is represented by the male marriage partner and his people by the female.  A union of two men or two women can’t accurately picture this relationship.

Many gay people would like to live with their same sex partner in a relationship that is legally recognized as marriage.  Because our society no longer acknowledges the authority of God there are many who believe they should have the right to do this.  Proponents of same sex marriage sincerely want to help gays live happier lives but they don’t realize that they are encouraging people to violate God’s laws.  Gays in same sex marriages may experience happiness for a while but in the end they will face God’s judgment.  Even some gay people recognize this fact:  Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality  .

Opponents of legalizing same sex marriage are accused of hating gays.  In some cases this is true.  Westboro Baptist Church is an example of this.  But most who oppose same sex marriage do so because we love gays and know that in the long run same sex marriage will hurt them.  Proponents of same sex marriage want to help them but what they are doing will lead to their condemnation.  You have all heard the saying: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.  This is certainly true in the controversy about same sex marriage.

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