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Some of you may have read a book called God’s Smuggler, by Brother Andrew. In it the author described his work of helping persecuted Christians in Communist countries by smuggling Bibles into their countries. The book was published in 1967 but Brother Andrew is still very much involved in helping persecuted Christians. He has founded an organization called Open Doors for the purpose of carrying on the work he began.

Here is how Brother Andrew’s work began.

The year was 1955. A young Dutchman was burdened with the desire to reach out to Christians in Eastern Europe, where Christianity was becoming more and more illegal. He took his first trip to visit Christians in Poland, and was amazed at what he saw: Entire underground churches with only one Bible to share!

Brother Andrew knew he had to do something. Two years later, he arrived at the same border in a VW Bug filled with Bibles. He knew that if he was caught with the Bibles, he would be arrested, so he prayed: “Lord- In Your Word, You made blind men see. Now, I am praying that you would make seeing eyes blind.” And God answered his prayer!

Brother Andrew was able to deliver Bibles and training materials to Christians in Eastern Europe, allowing Christians to freely read God’s Word in those countries.

When Brother Andrew began his work the main source of Christian persecution was Communism and the first place he delivered Bibles was Poland.  Since then the Iron Curtain has fallen, the Soviet Union has broken up, and there is now complete religious freedom in Poland and in many other formerly Communist countries.

But while persecution has ended in some places it has begun in others.  Today the primary source of persecution is Islam.  Christians in many Muslim controlled parts of the word face more intense persecution than Christians living under Communism ever did.

Persecution has increased but Open Doors has expanded the kinds of help it gives those who are persecuted.  In addition to supplying Bibles and other Christian literature it also meets the physical needs of those who have lost their jobs or been driven from their homes because they are Christians.  If you are interested in helping this link will give you the information you need: 

Of course the most important help you can give is to pray.

Remember those who are in prison, as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated, since you also are in the body.
Hebrews 13:3


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