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As long as I can remember I have believed that the Bible is the word of God but in the early part of my life I didn’t understand it because I wasn’t taught about it at home and I attended a church that wasn’t always Biblical in its teachings.  When I was 14 I believed that the way to be saved was to be baptized and then live a good enough life so that I would deserve to go to Heaven, so I got baptized and set about trying to finish earning my salvation.

A little more than two years later I had a Sunday school teacher who was saved and who listened regularly to a radio program called Back to the Bible.  She recommended it to the class and I began listening to it.  As a result I realized that I was on the wrong path in trying to earn my salvation.  I finally understood that salvation is gift of God and I received that gift by putting my faith in Christ.

As a result of listening to the program I not only was saved but I received the first accurate Bible teaching I ever had.  I have learned from many other sources but it was Back to the Bible than laid the foundation of my Bible knowledge.  Here is their website:

The first necessity in studying the Bible is to be saved.  The way of salvation is explained here:

You can listen to their daily Bible studies and access the archives of past studies here:

They offer other Bible studies beside their daily broadcasts.  You can learn about them here:

Back to the Bible also produces a Spanish language program called The Bible Says.

You also get in touch with Back to the Bible thru Facebook and Twitter.

Back to the Bible has played a major role in my life and I am publishing this information in the hope that others can receive the same help from it that I have.

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  1. Who host that now? I fell off listening after Woodroll Kroll quit hosting it didn’t much like the Scottish guy


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